Green is the new black as cannabis retailers push ‘Green Wednesday’ as the next big shopping holiday

Cannabis retailers are pushing “Green Wednesday” the day before Thanksgiving Day in Black Friday for marijuana consumers. Spike pens and other marijuana gifts were sold Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year and retailers are promoting an informal holiday for shopping before Cyber Monday from Saturday to Black Friday, Small Business.

According to shipping company Eaze, average Thanksgiving sales before last year have almost doubled. The cannabis testing company Headset, which tracks retail sales of cannabis products, has had the biggest marijuana party since 4/20.

Headset added that last year Washington, Colorado and Nevada said Wednesday’s green entertainment sales totaled $ 11 million. Although this number still represents only a small portion of the provinces’ total annual sales, many retailers are still benefiting from the rapidly rising sales trend over the holiday season.

The pool of recreational marijuana users is increasing across the country. Earlier this week, Massachusetts led legal sales of recreational cannabis. However, there are only two authorized distributors, both located an hour or two from Boston.

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Some of the best-selling items on Green Wednesdays include beverages, edible pens and steam pens. According to Eaze, top brands in these categories include Kiba, which makes hemp-flavored chocolates and hemp gums with a flavor ranging from Prosecco to Wildberry.

Orchid Essentials has a sophisticated high-end bow pen that uses a blend called “Tropical Trainwreck” that mixes pineapple and citrus fruits. In the beverage field, there is a sparkling herbal beverage containing THC and CBD in Mood 33, and California Dreamin carries soda containing THC with a taste such as mandarin or pomegranate.

For those looking for a holiday-themed gift, Zoma Cannabis has announced the “gifleoke” of mistletoe, which is closely related to organic cannabis. For pet owners, Rowley’s offers a range of CBD peanut butter for your dog.

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