Sour Diesel

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This immediate distortion voltage creates vibrant, dreamlike brain effects that bring acidic Sour Diesel into its legendary position.

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Sour Diesel also known as Sour D, is a predominant exalting strain of Sativa, named after the exciting diesel-like aroma. It was established in the early 1990’s and was born in Super Skunk. The reason Sour Diesel become the best choice among medical patients. this is because it helps relieve the stress, pain and depression. The ripple effect of its often “broken” actually seems to make most people more japonica, adds sofa locks, and sometimes becomes very powerful. The plant itself is a rather elongated plant that often has a lot of fox flavour once finished, almost with a spicy fuel – the skunk – a citrusy bouquet that stinks the room. Sour Diesel is fairly sativa-dominant but seems to exhibit a headslam of an indica effect at times, especially if let go late into flowering.  It hits the eyes and head immediately, filling them with pressure and energy, while the body seems almost immobile at times, trending heavily towards couchlock — a numbing quality is also often reported, aiding with nerve and muscle pain relief.

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3 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Awesome Product!

  2. Sharon_Lia

    Worth for such price. I get Sour Diesel as my medi purpose.

  3. DJade

    Another of my personal favourites. Every time I eat it, it’s very smart, but, as many have pointed out, there is not really a “couch-lock”. It moves your frontal lobe in ways you can not imagine. It’s almost as if an acid diesel was a key, a key that opens the whole field of thought that you previously ignored.

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